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Update on using homemade wood stain

A couple of weeks ago I showed how to make your own wood stain. In this article I'm using the homemade wood stain on a table for out in the garden.


I'm making one of my Occasional Tables for outdoors in the garden. I like the design of the table and it will fit in nicely with another project I'm busy with.... making a garden sofa and chairs. Find instructions for making the occasional table here. It's a very simple project that produces a practical and trendy table. Plus, you can buy everything you need to make the table at your local Builders.

To stain the table I used full-strength homemade wood stain (find details here). I decided not to water down the mixture, as I wanted a fairly dark stain for the table and - soon to be made - garden furniture.

Below you can see how the stain looks chalky when it dries (on the left of the picture), but once you apply a sealer (I used Woodoc 50 because the table is going outdoors), it brings out the beautiful detail of the wood grain and imparts a rich, deep colour.


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