Kreg offers 6 handmade gift ideas

This festive season why not give handmade gifts made with love. The Kreg community offers a selection of 6 handmade festive gift ideas.


Gift or Wine Box

Present the gifts you give in a one-of-a-kind gift box that is sized to hold a bottle of wine or any number of other items. The design might appear complex, but it's actually pretty simple. We’ll even show you a couple of simple jigs that make assembly easy. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PROJECT

Activity / Train Set Table

This table has a reversible flip-top that allows the table to be easily converted from activity to train set, but you can easily modify to make a race car track. Simply flip the top to change the table and store toys neatly in the drawers. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PROJECT

Toy Airplane

Designer by an aerospace engineer, this toy airplane is the perfect outdoor play gift. Build using laminated and PAR pine from your local Builders or timber merchant. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PROJECT

Dollhouse Bookcase

Here's a wonderful way to combine fun and reading. This dollhouse bookcase is easy enough to make and doubles as a shelf unit for reading books. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PROJECT

Wooden Rocking Horse

Made using meranti and MDF, this adorable rocking horse will be a big hit with both little boys and girls. Grab your Kreg pockethole jig and supplies and get started. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PROJECT

Lego Storage Boxes

My five grandchildren just love lego, so what better Christmas project than a storage box that looks like a piece of lego. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PROJECT

Visit our Tool Section for more information on using Kreg tools, tips and tricks. You can buy Kreg Pockethole Jigs at your local Builders or specialist hardware store, or visit for more information.


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