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Any easy and lasting way to repair chips and dents in wood

Epoxy putty for wood - QuikWood - allows you to instantly repair chips and dents, or even rebuilding broken or missing pieces on detailed wood furniture.


If you love DIY or woodwork, then Alcolin's QuikWood will very quickly become your best friend. I am often asked to refurnish pieces of furniture, and over the years have discovered the true value of using epoxy putting when I need to replace missing details or fill in chunks that have been chewed away by man's best friend.

This hardwood fire screen was a loved piece and the owner simply could not part with it. I was asked to see what could be done to repair the fire screen to it's (almost) original condition.

Alcolin QuikWood is easy to use: Use a craft knife to cut off a small section of epoxy putty to work with. Wet your fingers as you knead the putty to combine the two components in the roll. Continue to wet your fingers as you work, as this prevents the putty from becoming sticky.

Press into the area to be repaired, working with wet fingers until it conforms to the required shape. Use your wet fingers to smooth the epoxy putty and smooth the edges. You need to work reasonably fast as the putty starts to harden quickly.

Once hardened you can sand smooth with 120- and 240-grit sandpaper. If you need to match existing wood you can mix paint into the putty to tint it to a deeper shade and will find tips here.


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