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Fast fixes around the home

If you've got a spare weekend coming up, here are some fast fixes you can take care off.


When you own a home you soon realise that home repairs are a constant. The problem is that we all tend to let things slide and bit, and before we know it everything is starting to fall apart. As soon as you have a bit of free time, it's always a good idea to go around the house and fix things as quickly as possible. Here are some fast fixes you can cross off your 'to do' list.

Fix broken drawers

Drawers have a tendency to come apart at the seams. If you don't have the time to make up new drawers try this quick fix. Buy a length of quarter-round moulding at your local Builders store and cut to lengths (same height as drawer). Apply a bead of wood glue to the sides of the quarter-round and stick into the corner of the drawer. Clamp in place overnight and then drive in a couple of screws to secure in place.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you don't want to drive screws through the drawer front, secure at the sides.





Doors won't stay closed

If you've got a door or two that won't stay closed, buy Eureka Magnetic Catches and install these on the problem doors. These are easy enough to install with a cordless screwdriver and will keep doors closed. If you would prefer to mount double-roller catches to doors, find our step-by-step instructions here.

Fix a wobbly or loose chair leg

If a chair leg is driving you mad and you have glued and glued without success, try this quick fix to stop the wobble. Turn the chair upside down and drill an angled pilot hole through the stretcher into the chair leg. Drive a suitable length screw through the pilot hole to hold the leg firmly in place. Sorted... Because the screw is underneath the stretcher, no one will know it's there.

Hide dings and scratches - on appliances

Pop into your local Builders store to buy Rust-Oleum Appliance Touch-Up to hide scratches and chips on your appliances. Follow the instructions on the bottle for proper application. Use this product on metal, porcelain and enamel to quickly repair scratches and chips.

Hide chips and scratches - on bathroom fittings

Use Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile Touch-Up to cover up nicks and scratches on porcelain bathroom fittings. You can use this product on sinks, basins, baths, toilets and tiles to instantly touch-up and leave as good as new.

Stop the shake, rattle and roll

When a washing machine rattles and rolls its way across the floor when in spin mode, you need to set the adjustable feet to the correct height. Take a look at the base of the washing machine to check that legs sit firmly on the floor, and adjust as necessary and then tighten the locking nut to secure in place.

Prevent blocked drains

If a sink is taking a long time to drain, could be that a blockage is starting to build up. This happens more frequently in a kitchen sink, where fat and food clog together and can form a stubborn blockage. Prevent this from happening by regularly cleaning drains with a mixture of white spirit vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. This helps reduce build up in pipes and will reduce the possibility of a serious blockage. Read our green tips for cleaning your home.

No more stuck wooden drawers

When drawers don't have drawer runners, they have a tendency to stick, especially since the wood expands and contracts with the weather. If this happens, don't sand the drawers but rather rub the edges with a paraffin candle or block of paraffin wax. After rubbing, run the drawer in and out a couple of times and you will instantly feel a difference.

Loosen sticky drawer runners

If you notice that drawer runners (roller or ballbearing), spray the runners or tracks with WD-40. If you see a buildup of grime on the runners, spray with WD-40 to loosen, wipe away and spray again.

Slow flow on taps

If your taps have sluggish water flow it could be because the filter is blocked. Most modern taps have a steel mesh filter screwed on the end and it's easy to unscrew in order to clean away any debris blocking the filter. Cleaning the filter is a quick and easy task and stubborn grit can be removed with an old toothbrush. If there is hard water or mineral buildup on the filter, soak for 30 minutes in white spirit vinegar and then rinse clean.

Adapted from article by family handyman


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