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Quick Tip: How to mount double roller catches

When you're catching up on home repairs or home maintenance, one area that occasionally requires attention is doors that don't stay closed, hang skew, or loose or broken hinges. We offer some tips on how to mount double-roller catches.


How to fit double roller catches

Cupboard doors that don't stay closed can make a room look untidy. Some older cupboards have simple catches that don't hold doors closed, or have worn down. Fitting double roller catches is a 5-minute job that costs around R5.00 to fit, and you will never have to worry about doors staying closed ever again.

1. When fitting double roller catches it is important that the two components line up properly. The rollers are mounted onto the cabinet frame - or a shelf - while the catch is mounted onto the door.



2. If a backing board is already fitted, there will be no access to the cupboard, other than via the door itself. Luckily, the clip side of the catch has ridges that allow you to mark the position where to mount - with or without a fitted backing board.

3. Attach the roller part to a side, underside or top of a shelf using the supplied screws. It's a good idea to drill a small 2mm pilot hole to make it easier to secure the catch with screws. Those little buggers tend to drop on the floor just when you've positioned your drill and you're ready to go. A pilot hole will prevent frustration!

4. To mount the clip side of the mechanism, place the clip inside the double rollers and push the door closed. There are small ridges on the corners of the clip that will leave a mark on the door. Now you can line up the clip with the mark and secure with screws.


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