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Is Doing DIY Worth The Hassle Or Should You Employ A Tradesmen

While it's a great idea to cultivate a do-it-yourself lifestyle, you need to also consider the cons.


While it is a good idea to cultivate a do-it-yourself lifestyle, you need to also consider the cons. Some people believe so much in doing things themselves while others prefer to hire a tradesman. This article weighs the pros against the cons of DIY projects so that every reader can take a decision.


1. New knowledge

Learning something new. Each time you engage in a new project yourself, you will probably learn something new. When you handle a particular project the first time, you will likely make a lot of mistakes from which you will learn new things. Whenever you get confused, you can ask a tradesman for the way out. You will not only learn what makes things work, you will also get to learn what does not make things work.

2. Cost saving

Hiring a professional will cost you some money. This is the major reason people engage in doing things themselves. You also get to save cost on the materials you will need for the task since doing it yourself will give you control on the purchase of the materials you intend to use.

3. Business opportunity

Being able to do certain things perfectly after several attempts could turn out to be a cash cow for you. People who are in need of the service may decide to hire you when they see the videos or pictures of your handwork. You could also make money from selling the videos of the steps involved in the project.


1. Low quality

There may be a better way to carry out a project. In most cases, whatever task you carry out, a professional will do it better and faster. Take pest removal, for example. When you handle it yourself, the pests may come back. On the other hand, a professional will get them removed and also prevent a recurrence.

2. Lack of professional advice

When a professional fixes any issue, he will inform you of the cause of the issue and how to prevent it. When you fix it yourself, you will probably miss the advice.

3. Time saving

The time you spend on the project could have been spent on other more important activities if you hire a professional to do the job.

4. Dangerous mistakes

Some mistakes can be dangerous. Plumbing and electrical faults are better handled by a professional. Wrong electrical connections could lead to fire or electrocution. So, you should let a professional handle it. Every community has its plumbing codes and it is only an experienced plumber based in your community will have a good knowledge of the plumbing codes in your area. Going against the codes can set you against the law.

5. Warranty voidance

Many manufacturers of several appliances will withdraw the warranty on their products once they find out that you have tampered with it. Some garage door openers have a lifetime warranty. Imagine losing such warranty for trying to fix an issue you didn’t even get to resolve. Quite a loss!

Since doing things yourself has its cons as well as its pros, it is not easy to embrace it totally or ditch completely. You are better off doing certain things yourself and hire a professional for others. As mentioned earlier, plumbing and electrical faults should not be among the ones to handle yourself.



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