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Tork Craft bi-metal hole saw

Cut into aluminium, copper, mild steel (sheet metal), stainless steel (sheet metal), zinc, wood, and PVC with ease using a Tork Craft bi-metal hole saw.


Tork Craft's bi-metal hole saw set is the only hole saw you need if you want to cut into a variety of materials. The fast cutting power lies behind its HSS (hi-speed steel) compound of the hole saw and its uniquely manufactured teeth - the teeth have been set to a variable pitch to improve harmonic vibration and to have a better chip clearance.

You can use a bi-metal hole saws to cut holes into many types of material including, aluminium, copper, mild steel (sheet metal), stainless steel (sheet metal), zinc, wood and PVC - making it the most universal hole saw set available today. View this detailed video on drilling with a hole saw.

Bi-metal hole saws are primarily used by electricians, plumbers, machinists, and carpenters, builders and certainly a must have for all DIYer’s who do a variety of projects in and around the home. There are numerous jobs where a hole saw will come in handy, especially where there is no drill diameter large enough to do the job.

The features of Tork Craft's bi-metal hole saw set include:

◊ Low vibration and even cut due to the variable pitched teeth.

◊ Strong electron beam welded cup design with a tough alloy body for added durability.

◊ Handy knock out hole for plug removal,

◊ Will cut to a depth of 38mm and offers a long life when used properly within the correct rpm and using a lubricant when cutting into metals.

Included in the set is 6 size units 22mm, 29mm, 35mm, 44mm, 51mm and a 64mm. The set also comes with all the adaptors, 3/8“ Hex HSS adaptor 22-35mm, 7/16“ Hex HSS adaptor 44-64mm, a Hex key for replacing the pilot drill bits and an Adaptor 1/2-20UNF - 5/8-18UNF. The bi-metal hole saw set is packed into an aluminium storage case for transport.

Available from Builders Warehouse and leading stockists countrywide. Visit to find your nearest retail outlet.


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