Tips for Using a Hole Saw

There comes a time when you need to drill circular holes in a project if you want to add design features. We provide some tips on how to use a hole saw.






Hole saws can be intimidating to use, and when using a hole saw it needs to be assembled properly to ensure it is safe to use. For this feature we are using a Bosch PSB 10,8 LI-2 drill / driver. These drill / drivers are compact and powerful and combine the functions of a screwdriver, drill and impact (hammer) drill. That means you can use these drill / drivers for everyday DIY and also drill into stone and concrete.



The Tork Craft 16 piece hole saw kit offers a handy selection of different size hole saws. You will find this on the shelf at your local Builders.





Select the hole saw that you need for your project and place this on the drill shaft as shown below.





Before placing the nut, add the locking plate on top of the hole saw, placing the pins into the holes in the top of the hole saw.





Finally, add the locking nut to secure. Use a wrench to tighten the nut.






The locking pins hold the hole saw securely in place and reduce the possibility of slippage when in use. After drilling a hole you can tap the locking pins with a hammer to remove the cut block of timber or board.





When you are making projects that require large holes to be drilled, such as this Jeep bed below, a hole saw makes the job easier.





We used a hole saw to drill out perfect circular holes for the headlamps...





... and also used a large hole saw to cut out the wheel centres.





The Tork Craft range includes Bi-Metal hole saws for harder materials.




These hole saws include a bit that has locking cams mounted on the drill shaft.





After fitting the hole saw the locking cams are engaged to secure the hole saw.



BELOW: Here you can see how the locking cams fit into the holes in the top of the hole saw.



In the event that you need to replace the drill shaft, use the allen key included in the kit to loosen and tighten the drill bit.





When using a hole saw in any material firmly clamp the project to your workbench or worktop.