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Use earthy colours and organic materials to warm up a home

During the autumn and winter months many homeowners find themselves looking for ways to warm up a home that won't increase the electricity bill and is easy to achieve.


We often look at colour on Home-Dzine, and how easily colour can affect atmosphere and mood. Choosing the right paint colours for a room - or an entire house - can make a big difference on whether a home feels cold or warm. Combine this with the right accessories, and you can have a home that is warm and welcoming in winter - without even switching on a heater!

It seems strange that South African homes are not designed for our climate. We build houses to take advantage of our hot, summer weather, but do little to ensure our houses are insulated for the colder months of the year. If our houses were properly insulated we wouldn't have to worry about the change in temperature from summer to winter.

Newer builds have to conform to SANS regulations, and these regulations incorporate insulation factors not previously included as standard. However, for those with older homes, hopefully this article provides useful advice that you can put into practise in your own home. You will also find plenty of advice in our Home Improvement section for ways of insulating a property.

Earthy Colours
Colour is a wonderful mood enhancer - it can make you feel cool, warm you up, increase your appetite, or soothe and calm your senses. There is no denying that colour plays an important role in how a home feels to those that live in it. We chose a selection of rooms from Muse Interiors with warm elements that are perfect for explaining how earthy tones, organic materials and accessories can instantly add comfort and warmth. 

You will find the Prominent Paints Virtual Painter handy if you struggle to decide on colour choices. However, it is always recommended that, after selecting your colours online, go along to your nearest Prominent Paints store and take a look at the colour swatches in natural and artificial light before buying or having paint colours mixed.

While colour on its own has a big impact on how a room feels - as can be seen in the living room above - the styling of the room with seasonal accessories changes the atmosphere from dark and overpowering to comfortable and lived in. The brown walls add warmth and harmonise with the taupe upholstered sofa, while pale grey accents add a lightness that allows this colour scheme to work in summer or winter. Introduce a vase of fresh, vibrantly coloured flowers and you immediately have a room that is perfect for both winter or summer temperatures.

Paint walls that do not require a regular cleaning with Prominent UltaMatt to add a luxury finish that also hides imperfections (bye bumpy walls) and add contrast with Prominent UltraSheen or Prominent UltraGloss in white or off-white for wainscoting or wall panelling.

Organic Touches
But making a room feel warm is not just about colour. By introducing organic materials such as wood, rustic stone and luxurious fabrics, and combining this with colour you can achieve a room that incorporates cool colours but still feels warm and inviting, as seen in the living room below. The stone fireplace and wood accents in the coffee table and ceiling beams work with the cool blue hues in the drapes, cushions and rug.

You don't have to spend a fortune on real stone to get the look of stone. Nowadays you can buy faux rock wall cladding, and even wallpaper that replicates the look of stone walls. Or get creative with fabrics such as burlap and hessian to cover walls.

Colours from the red section of the colour wheel always warm up a space, and you an keep to a single colour, or introduce more colours from the same side of the colour wheel. 

If you can't find the colours or patterns that you want in ready made accessories, find out more about how to make your own. The Internet is a source of almost unlimited information on so many topics, and learning a new craft or trade has never been easier.


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