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Summer colour... coral and teal

Coral and teal or soft aqua bring pastel colour to any home without the saccharine sweetness of many other pastel hue combinations.


When the seasons change or you are looking to refresh your home with new colours, the combination of coral and teal, with subtle introduction of soft grey and metallic gold might be just what you need. Most home decorators can be put off by using colours, against a neutral backdrop bright pops of colour are perfect to inject personality into any home interior.

Coral is a refreshing hue that has its base of orange but is far more elegant and yet equally vibrant and sunny. When combined with teal or aqua, these colours Instantly freshen dull rooms.

Bring together teal and coral to decorate a bedroom. Teal is a hue that combines blue and green, both considered perfect colours for a soothing and serene bedroom. With a few coral accents you have a bedroom that is cool and calm and perfect for any season.

You can also introduce coral and teal hues in a children's bedroom. Bringing together these two colours set the tone for a modern space that can be dressed up or down with just a few accessories. Add traditional fittings or introduce modern fabrics to keep the bedroom up to date with trends.

Neutrals provide the perfect backdrop for pastel shades of coral and teal. Paint walls in a light or medium grey, with white or light grey furniture and bring in coral and teal accents. Visit your local Prominent Paints store to select your favourite hues of coral and teal in a selection of paint finishes.

Coral and teal may not be colours for this year, but the combination is so much more than a seasonal duo - these colours work beautifully together and combine hues that are cool and warm. 

Indoors or outdoors, if you are looking to introduce coral hues, bring more life to a room with a blend of  light aqua or teal accents for a dash of Mediterranean style that is perfect for both spring and summer.


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