TV in real life

Ever larger screens, a multitude of wires and cables we’d rather keep out of sight, more and more electronics – whether in the living room or home theatre, properly integrating a television and audio video equipment presents a definite challenge. Here are a few ideas on how you might "blend" these elements into your decor so that you can get the most out of your leisure time.


Home movies

A couple of dark brown ottomans provide extra seating when necessary and double as end tables, perfect for refreshments, popcorn and candy that are "de rigueur" for a successful night at the movies! Choose and combine shades of red, cream, and brown carefully, and you’ll have a room that is both interesting and modern.

Classic black and white

The white furniture exudes such calm that you will feel impelled to relax... A console with two matching cubic, black leather stools provides a refreshments area. The built-in shelving painted black, three attractive right-angled frames mounted vertically, the stainless steel picture frames and rugs with rectangular motifs: all these accessories accentuate the simplicity of the lines and the two-toned theme of this decor.

Glass and stainless steel

In this very bright entertainment room full of symmetrical aspects, glass combines marvellously with stainless steel for a very modern look. On the walls at the back, under the window, two silver-coloured metal shelves on either side of the television set make it possible for the television to literally meld into the decor. They also provide the necessary space for the audio-video equipment and decorative accessories – in the accent colours of the room, of course.

To strengthen the symmetrical effect and give the area some warmth, we’ve included a number of plants.

A very simple black leather loveseat has been placed at an angle, freeing up space for a mini-bar which we’ve made out of a small stainless steel and glass shelf, where the glassware and accessories needed for mixing cocktails can be found. We then completed the ensemble with two matching stools.



Decor with depth

On either side of the television, discreet doors provide easy access to the new space just created. On both doors, rectangular alcoves with recessed lighting have been built in, perfect for displaying decorative objects. The inside of the alcoves and outer moulding have been painted white to provide contrast and lighten the effect of the decor. The picture frames holding attractive orange-tinted pictures and the ceiling motif echo the rectangular shapes dominating the room. The footstool, end table, and chocolate coloured console harmonize with the back wall, and can be used for setting other decorative objects.

Symmetry and effects using height

Integration built in

Long, very stylish and practical curtains hang at both ends of the wall; the television and appliances can, when the curtains are drawn, be completely hidden from view. To complete the decor and provide a touch of colour at the same time, we’ve added a few attractive orange vases evenly spaced with three rectangular picture frames.

With the accent on natural

In this long, narrow room, the television has been set in the corner so as to show off an architectural element to full advantage – the beautiful stone wall. The small cabinet we’ve used for the television is still big enough to house the audio-video equipment, and matches the wood and glass end tables in the seating area. To make something grander of the small windows, we hung ceiling to floor curtains on either side of the sofa. The shades of brown and cream, as well as the blue accents on the fabric, harmonize well with the simple lines of the furniture, giving the room a natural allure that is very much in step with the latest trends.

By concentrating on symmetry and playing around with proportions and height, it is possible to blend TV and other audio-video equipment into the decor of the room. Plan your space, highlight the more interesting architectural elements, and integrate electronic equipment into the surrounding furnishings by emphasizing either contrast or continuity of shapes and colours. These are some of the ways to create the kind of atmosphere that will enable you to get maximum enjoyment from the leisure hours you spend in your own home theatre.