Home staging

By introducing innovative ideas and support in presenting your property, and by looking carefully at current trends in the property market, home staging will help you to:


- make your property irresistible to its target market
- secure the maximum possible price and a quick sale when selling your property
- maximize the amount you can charge for letting the property, whilst minimizing the amount of time it stands vacant

Home staging is not interior design, it's about making your property appeal to as many people as possible without sacrificing style and without the property appearing bland! Home staging is also ideal for property developers who want a sophisticated look in the houses they create that will appeal to as many buyers as possible.

Not selling but would like a one-day makeover?
Are you bored with your home? Do you need some inspiration? Give your home a one-day makeover. Rearrange the furniture, refresh your furnishings and accessories, and give your home a subtle new look. Sometimes you can even use items that you already have, plus a few carefully chosen items. Leave the decorating till later.




Tips for Home Staging

Decide on the best features of your property and work to highlight these.

Clear out your valuables, as you are likely to get numerous visits.

Polish door knobs, handles.

Prune plants that take up space. Make your home more visible.

Clean the property so it is spotless. This is important and only takes a bit of effort so don’t neglect this.

Open up windows, curtains and let in air and light.

Clear and the bathroom of any items such as toothpaste, perfumes, cosmetics, etc.

Clean all sinks, baths, toilets floors so it is sparkling.

Hang up some nice towels and try and co-ordinate this with the rest of the room.

Use an air freshener in the bathroom and keep it fresh.

If your room has too much furniture, remove some and only keep the necessities and some set pieces. Arrange the furniture and display the best features of the room. Make sure the layout is easily accessible and spacious.

  • Have some nice music playing in the background.
  • Hang up some nice pictures or decorative pieces.
  • Put on the air conditioner or heater so the home is comfortable, even if the home is vacant.
  • In the kitchen clear out any dishes.
  • Clean work tops and remove appliances. Place as much away or in storage.
  • Have a bowl of fresh fruit or freshly baked bread to give that homely feeling.
  • Clear out any leaves, sticks garbage and clutter around the exterior.
  • Sweep patios, decking, pathways etc.
  • Remove traces of pets such as hair, droppings & smells.

Use this checklist so you are always ready to implement these points for your property. You should be able to get your home ready for inspection within the hour should someone want to visit.