It's not always in black or white!

Maximise your decorating with the use of white and black to create stunning and dramatic rooms. Black and white are perfect accent colours for any decorating style.


Add stylish chic to any room in your home by using black and white alone, or with other accent colours, to create a style that's classic and simple. Add stylish chic to any room in your home by using black and white alone, or with other accent colours, to create a style that's classic and simple.

Never really out of style, black is back and white is just right when you want to draw attention and create dramatic impact. Interior designers are rediscovering the power of black and white and are adding these accents with soft or unconventional colours schemes to create sophisticated interiors.

Adding black accents and accessories to a space will catch the eye and sharpen any decorating scheme. It will serve as an outline that sets off specific areas or objects.

Every room needs a splash of black or white to bring everything into focus, to sharpen the level of classic, timeless glamour. It gives a fresh, clean, and unquestionably sophisticated and elegant look to a space.

A small kitchen is a great place to choose to use black and white as the main colour scheme. Since black and white work with any colour, a black and white kitchen in an open-plan setting will have impact but still allow you to introduce a colour that is used in other areas - to create flow.



"If you have a fabulous colour, and you put it against black, it will look amazing,"

When choosing black - or white - think about the shade you choose. Pure black and brilliant white can overpower a room, whereas a notch down and mixed with other colours they will harmonise rather than dominate. Brown and grey undertones soften a harsh black, while a just-white will brighten without dazzling a space.

Walls painted in a soft white or ivory serve as a perfect background for framed photographs, prints, and other artwork. Choose dark wood or painted black frames.

With its ability to work with any colour, texture or material, white can be dressed up or down. Add colourful artwork, shiny or matte finish metal accents, and modern materials. But don't be too confident - this simple decor scheme is still far from fool-proof! The look of black and white can range from simply chic to utter chaos. Be sure to do some research on the look you want to achieve before you splash on the paint!

Crisp white linens are perfect for a bedroom and allow you to experiment with colour in small or large doses. Combine white painted furniture and a dark wood floor and the look is calm and cool. White walls and white floors visually increase the size of a room that is elegant and chic in its simplicity.

When choosing accessories try to shop for items that are solid white or black, rather than those with patterns. This allows you to swap and mix when you want a change from black and white - your accessories will still look fabulous in your new space.