Before and after home makeovers on a budget

Not all home makeovers are about having to spend a fortune on new furniture to achieve that perfect dream home look. Some home makeovers are more concerned with using what you already have and making a few changes here and there.


In our feature on fine dining at home we look at how you can transform an unused space into a dining area for entertaining family and friends. This home makeover achieved just that.

The bare bones of the room remain unchanged and it's with a few new pieces and some cosmetic changes that the room becomes a sumptuous dining space. The dining table and French doors are given a couple of coats of Rust-Oleum 2X in gloss navy blue to blend with the new rug that also incorporates a deep blue colour and ties the elements together.

New dining chairs, upholstered in a buttery-yellow, take their cues from the painting trim that has gone from dark wood to light finish with a coat or two of Plascon Velvaglo (Sundrops - 06-B1-3).

Nothing wrong with this alcove space, but it could be put to better use, especially when space is needed for a home office. Built in storage, narrow enough to provide plenty of storage but not take up valuable floor space, now wrap the walls.

To create a spacious feel in this smallish space, white walls and white painted trim are infused with splashes of metallic colour with chrome light fittings and a glossy chrome chair, while the focal wall is dressed in a soft grey wallpaper. Add a splash of bold colour here and there and tie the look together with a small rug in the same hues.

This farmhouse bathroom definitely requires plenty of TLC. The 70s cabinets are falling apart and the room lacks atmosphere. Gather your tools and knock up some new cabinets, add a mosaic splashback in hues of soft blue that tie in with the upholstered window seat and cushions.

This dated bathroom needs to be updated and refreshed and it's simple and affordable to do just that. While a new bathroom vanity and bathroom suite were added, you can easily refresh without changing these details.

Vinyl flooring covers up ugly tiles and walls are dressed in white painted beadboard. These elements alone will instantly refresh and brighten the room.

Mosaic tiles are added around the bathtub and a small tiled backsplash above the vanity - all of which you will find at your local Builders Warehouse and can easily be tackled as a DIY project.



Don't let a room become boring and drab when a lick of paint and slipcovered furniture can infuse so much life. Paint walls in a whisper white - or whites with just a hint of colour to inject light and personality into a space.

f left uncared for, wood becomes dull with layers and layers of wax and polish. It's easy to update furniture with a fresh coat of wood stain or paint. You will find plenty of ideas and inspiration in our Decorating Section.

You don't have to rip out and replace kitchen cabinets that are still in good condition. To update a give them a new look add a frame around the front of the door to create a Shaker-style panel door and then add new hardware.

Fit a new Formica LifeSeal, quartz or countertop of your choice - as budget allows - and you're almost done. If you can't afford to remove and replace existing tiles, use paint to refresh them until the budget allows for new tiles.

*Keep an eye out for special offers at Builders Warehouse. They regularly feature Formica LifeSeal countertops at discount prices.

Once again, a dining space that's ignored and used as a general dumping ground. All the original furniture remains in the room and the only changes made were to add a luxurious wallpaper and update the light fitting. Small details such as a new rug, artwork and framed mirror all add a layered design to the space to create a room set for dining and entertaining.

Bedroom always seem to get left behind when decorating a home, but when you think how much time we spend in our bedroom, this should be a top priority - a place to relax and unwind after a hard day at work. Create a boutique hotel style bedroom by adding layers of texture.

Walls painted in a warm taupe with Plascon Cashmere softens the stark outline of the dark wood bed, and drapes in matching colours further add to the softness.

Layered bedding and soft accessories add luxury and elegance and fill the room with personality. To enhance the bed as the main feature in this room, the bedside cabinets were given a coat of cream tulip in Plascon Eggshell and new, modern handles.

It is possible to give your bathroom a makeover with just a few changes. Painting the walls in a pale blue has made a big difference to this previously bland bathroom. Added to that, the deep orange pleated pelmet adds just the right amount of depth and introduces an element of warm tones into the room, tied together with the wood picture frame and deep brown towels.