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Paper wall lights that add modern glamour

These paper walls lights are the most affordable and easy to make lights you can add to your home. The design is elegant and modern and it's hard to believe they are made of plain paper.

I found this amazing project on ohohblog. Hard to believe that these stunning wall lights are nothing more than CFL fittings covered with sculpted paper. Anyone can quite easily make these paper wall lights with a few sheets of paper and some No More Nails double-sided tape.


2 sheets of paper



No More Nails double-sided tape



Cut three rectangles in your sheet according to the dimensions above.

Fold the edges of each rectangle at 2 centimetres and then draw a rounded corner and cut away - leaving a flap to glue the lamp cover in place.

Glue the rectangular flaps on top of each other - from largest to smallest - making sure the rectangles are centered. Allow the glue to dry and then secure a strip of double sided tape over the entire length of the flaps.

Secure onto the wall and only use with CFL lamps, as these don't produce heat.


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