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Faux beamed-ceiling with downlights

If you want to install downlights but have a solid concrete slab or flat roof above, adding faux beams allows you to fit downlights into the beams without having to drill huge holes into the ceiling.


Adding faux - or box - beams to a ceiling is not only an easy way to install downlights, it's also a way to add architectural detail to a plain room. Before the installing of faux beams this living space was average. Add the beams and you get a completely different atmosphere.





The secret to this design is to make plywood boxes to house the downlights. No special skills required here, just make up a box using 9mm plywood. You can see left how the box is designed to fit the downlights. Each light box is mounted to the ceiling with nylon plugs and screws.

Because the light boxes sit on the underside of the ceiling, you can have an electrician connect the wiring to the nearest existing light outlet. If there isn't one, you can always have then chase up a all to fit a conduit for wiring from another point.

Reclaimed timber was using to make the boxes or faux beams. You don't have to hunt around for reclaimed timber, you can always pop into your local Builders Warehouse and grab some PAR pine. You will find instructions on Home-Dzine for various techniques to make wood look weathered and aged.

With the light boxes securely fastened to the ceiling, you can use these as a support for mounting the beams. Doing the installation this way not only saves on time and mess, it also cuts down on what it would cost to have an electrician drill all the holes, especially if you have a concrete slab ceiling.