How do you like your coffee... table?

The coffee table is a decorating staple. Not only does it look good and is practical, it also completes a room setting or arrangement. We've put together a selection of coffee tables so that you can see how good they look in various settings and styles.


Whether you prefer a coffee table that is sleek and streamlined, or a coffee table that is purely practical and has good lines, you need to select one that fits in the available space. A coffee table that is too large will simply overpower and take all the attention.

Add a splash of colour to an all-white room - or tie up with a monochromatic colour scheme. If you can't find the colour you want - spray it in your choice of colour from the Rust-Oleum range.

And don't think a coffee table only has to be white, black or brown. You can select a colour from your room setting and paint a coffee table as an accent, or go mad and let your coffee table shine.



Matt or gloss, choose the finish that fits in with your decor scheme. Choose a matt or satin finish for an informal or relaxed setting, or high gloss for formal rooms and modern style.

How big should a coffee table be?

Large enough to fit into a conversation setting and still have room to move around. You don't want guests banging their knees every time they sit, so buy smaller rather than cramp the space.

What height is best for a coffee table?

That really all depends on the style, but you want a coffee table that either sits at the same level as seating height, or only slightly higher. Anything taller than that is better as a side table.

At the end of the day, you are the one making the choices, so choose a coffee table you like and that matches your decor.