Decorating with animal prints

Definitely not something new, animal prints have been around for some time and continue to be used 'sparingly' in interior decorating. There are those that love to use animal prints in their home, and those that hate them. And before anyone hits me over the head with a club, we are talking 'faux' animal prints!


What makes animal prints so timelessly enduring?

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The use of animal skins in interior decorating has a long and distinguished history dating back centuries. It wasn't long ago that the presence of a lion, tiger, or bearskin indoors indicated an honorable victory in the wilds.

For a variety of reasons today, there is rarely a worthy motive to injure or mortally wound one of these regal creatures. However, despite the fact that most of us would never dream of using real animal skins for decorating, their patterns continue to enthrall, lending an air of exoticism to modern interiors. Inspired by the real life coats of the giraffe, zebra, cheetah and leopard, animal prints give rooms a slight accent.



It's their ability to make any room feel more exciting and vibrant. Throw down a faux zebra rug and the space instantly takes on a new look and feel. The contrast of black and white brings out the best of other colours. When used as accents, they offer a unique way to spice up a room. In a One of the most attractive aspects of this design theme is the use of earth tones and animal colors which give a natural touch to a room. These designs and prints are said to never go out of fashion when used in the proper setting.

Whilst I do love animal prints I try to avoid adding too much to a room and keeping to one print. Zebra and leopard prints are easily available at fabric stores and you will find plenty of ready made accent items in home stores. Upholstering an accent chair in animal print is a trendy addition to a room. Since it is sure to draw attention, make sure it is not competing for attention with other items in the room.

Animal prints have become so popular that you can find them on fabric, wallpaper, posters, and even ceramic tiles.

It's easy to go wild with animal prints so consider using an animal print or faux fur pillow. The pillow can go on a chair, on a bed, or on the floor for kids to lay on while watching TV.

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