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Affordable Lighting for any Home

LED lighting offers you an affordable way to update the light fittings in your home, and Builders Warehouse have a wide selection of light fittings to choose from.


Warm or Cool Lighting

LED lighting technology is fast becoming the light source of choice for many homes. When choosing LED fittings for a home, you have the option to select warm or cool replacement lamps, and LED lamps offer up to an 80% saving when you look at the hour lifespan of these lamps. You also have a wide selection of lamps to choose for your light fittings.





DIY installation

When you want to update a home with new light fittings it will save you a lot of money if you can do this easy project yourself. However, you need to have a basic understanding of your home electrical system and standard wiring code before you even consider tackling this type of project.

Installing new light fittings yourself is easy if you buy a quality brand such as Eurolux, where fittings are clearly marked and South Africa wiring colours used. Always keep in mind that BLUE is NEUTRAL and BROWN is LIVE, and that YELLOW/GREEN or COPPER wires are EARTH.

GOOD TO KNOW: Some cheaper fittings, mostly of Chinese brand origin, are not wired according to our local code and it gets tricky trying to work out what wire goes where if the fitting is also not labelled for installation.

Select the Perfect Fitting

Every room in the home has a different purpose and you will want to choose a light fitting according to:

• The size of the room - A small fitting won't provide much light in a large room, and vice versa.

• Amount of light required - In a bathroom a ceiling light or central fixture should offer plenty of light.

• Type of lamp - Choose warm or cool depending on the mood you want to create.

• Buy according to your budget - You can save on lighting for your home by selecting from the budget range for rooms that don't require feature lighting, and this will allow you to splurge on lighting for a living room or dining room, etc.


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