One-of-a-kind coffee tables from reclaimed timber

These coffee tables can be considered as one-of-a-kind, as no two pieces of timber look exactly the same. All the coffee table designs below are made using salvaged or reclaimed timber.

The beam coffee table is made from a reclaimed timber tied together with two inset walnut feet and three walnut splines. It is finished to a smooth shine, but not to remove the scars of it's past, including nail holes and iron stains.

Fallen trees or industrial cast-offs for the basis for a range of unique designs from Brent Comber. For these designer tables, the simple beauty alder pieces are crafted into wonderful unique shapes. 

Using reclaimed scaffolding planks for the top and base, this scaffold coffee table is wrapped with steel and riveted together for an industrial design.



One of my personal favourites... birch logs cut to the same length are mounted onto a plywood base to make this mobile coffee table. Simple yet striking.

Created from a one-of-a-kind hardwood slab set on a frame of four steel boxes with a blackened or powder coated finish, these coffee tables are locally milled from sustainably harvested trees.

Save the booze for later! This recycled coffee table is made from a wine crate. The legs are made using re-repurposed steel pipe.

Handmade from carefully selected Douglas fir beams, which are known for splits and knots, this unique coffee table has a silvered top. The same company manufactures these silvered side tables.

This one-of-a-kind coffee table is crafted from a huge trunk with a smaller section of trunk serving as the base.

Made as a mosaic of salvaged wood pieces from different species, and arranged together, this unique table top is made from left over scraps from the production of larger furniture items. The powder-coated steel base crosses through the wood mosaic and serves as the support for the round glass top.