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Crafty xmas

Here's a silver lining to the dark economic clouds still on the horizon this holiday season: handmade holiday decorations are not only less costly, they're perceived as more meaningful as well. You can also click here for more easy holiday crafts.


A touch of silver
Create a 'futuristic' theme where metallics, stars, tinsel, glitter and even foil harmonise, for the perfect balance of class and elegance... Complement your decor with stainless steel cutlery and your best silverware; or contrast the glitz with white, grey and blue hues. Make it as minimalist, opulent or as blingy as you wish.

Get the look: Wrap presents up in grey wrapping paper and dress up with lots of bling.

Kaleidoscopic kitsch
Wild, wacky and utterly quirky! This theme is flamboyant, and an unusual relief from the dull red and green Christmas colours. Go for intense, luminous, radiant hues: lime green, fuschia, tangerine, and even turquoise blue are just some of the colour variants you may want to choose. The craziness of this theme allows lots of freedom – so if it's bright, it'll work!

Local is lekker
We always ape the American white Christmas, so this year be Proudly South African and go local. Have a braai, or a naaice Christmas potjie, and decorate your table with fynbos. Use the bright jewel colours of fynbos as your inspiration – butter yellow, vibrant pink, intense green... Set them off against a rich gold. Remember, local is altyd lekker!

In the same spirit, our local crafting community has been hard at work creating some wonderful unique decorations - all for a good cause.

From spending more time with loved ones to an improvement in our overall health, stories abound on the positive side effects of the shaky economy. Increased enthusiasm for handmade items may well be the latest good by-product of troubled economic times. People are placing greater emphasis not just on cost-savings but on the meaningfulness of a decoration or gift. Nothing is more personal than something you make yourself. And this year, you can find craft ideas to fit every holiday decorating theme.

Here are a few pointers:
Choose craft items that complement the theme of your home. For example, if you love clean, contemporary modern lines, make items that mimic that look. Crafts that incorporate reflective surfaces and metallic looks will fit well with contemporary themes. Softer fabrics and materials will mesh with a country theme. Make crafts that will endure and be durable for seasons to come. Opt for items that will be easy to care for and that will appeal to your sense of the holidays not just this year, but next year and the year after that as well.

Give yourself plenty of time and space in which to create. You're not rushing the season if you start working on your holiday crafts in early November or even late October. You're just giving yourself plenty of time to accomplish everything you want to do. Also, dedicate a specific area of your home to your crafting and keep all your projects in one place - this way you'll have everything you need at your fingertips.

Get the kids involved. When you create crafts with your children, you're not just making decorations, you're making memories that will stay with them throughout their lives. Plus, making crafts together will make each item feel that much more meaningful when you use it to decorate your home. You can also click here for more easy holiday crafts.


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