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Easy holiday crafts

Contemporary Christmas
If you're opting for a white Christmas this year, this craft will not only add to your holiday decor - but won't cost you a fortune. These simple yet stunning decorations are made using plain white printer paper and gold foil wrapping paper. Click here for paper craft ideas - make a Christmas wreath.


Home-made Christmas crackers
Make these individual Christmas crackers to adorn your own or your host’s table and fill them with small novelty items.

You will need:

Ruler, sharp scissors, double-sided tape and sellotape
Sticker shapes, ribbons and decorations
8 toilet-paper tubes
6 cracker snaps
3–4 sheets different decorative papers
2 colours of tissue paper

Here's how:

1. With sellotape, secure a cracker snap in the centre of each of 6 cardboard tubes and insert a gift and a crepe hat.

2. Cut 6 pieces of decorative paper 37 cm x 17 cm. Place one tube in the centre along the long edge of a piece of the decorative paper. Secure the paper to the tube with sellotape. Place one of the extra tubes on each side to keep the cracker in shape. Roll the paper tightly around and secure with double-sided tape. Carefully tie a piece of ribbon or cord around the cracker on either side of the centre tube, drawing in the paper evenly. Make a neat bow or fancy knot. Remove the two extra end tubes.

Creating A Christmas lantern
Add a few Christmas-inspired flourishes to a hurricane lantern to create a beautiful holiday decoration.

You will need:

Hurricane lantern and assorted candles
Faux holly sprigs
Spray-on canned snow
Freehand snowflake stencil - use poster board or card
Thin guage wire

Here's how:

1. Place snowflake stencil on outside of lantern, either hold or tape in place while spraying over stencil with spray snow. Allow the snow to set up for approximately one minute before removing stencil.

2. Carefully remove stencil and clean up any overspray with a damp paper towel. Continue stenciling on snowflakes in a random fashion until you are happy with the result.

3. Place pillar candles inside lantern and surround with fresh or faux holly sprigs and place lantern on an entry table or by front door to festively welcome holiday guests.


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