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Christmas gifts you can make

When times are tough - the tough get creative. There are hundreds of creative gift ideas that you can make. And don't think that your gift won't be appreciated. I have always been one that truly appreciates a gift given a lot of thought and made with love.


Using buttons to create unique bracelets and jewellery is a uber hot trend at the moment. You don't have to fork out for expensive one-of-a-kind buttons either. There is an myriad of design options to choose from and a trip to your local fabric store is sure to get those creative juices flowing.

Some out-of-the-box thinking and a trip to your local Builders Warehouse and you might be amazed with the ideas that you can come up with. There are so many crafty ways to use ropes and chains - and they don't have to look like something made in the school workshop.

Anyone handy with a sewing machine knows how easy it is to run up a tote bag. What will make your gifted tote bag special is the design that you add. Use 100% cotton, linen or denim to craft the bag and gift to family or friends that are concerned about the environment.

Picture frames, especially something unique, are always appreciated. There are various materials that you can use to craft picture frames, my favourites being SupaWood and polystyrene or pine moulding and trim. Finishings can include Rust-Oleum spray paints in colours or metallics, acrylic paint, tin foil, Woodoc gel stain, etc.


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