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Craft ideas for a wedding

If a wedding is on the cards and you're still looking for last minute decorating and favour ideas, here are some that you can make yourself and they won't cost a fortune.


Paper Chains
Collect decorative and plain pastel coloured paper and measure and cut out 15cm x 2.5cm strips of different patterned and plain pastel papers. Take one strip and make a loop, securing in place with glue. Thread another strip through the first loop and make another loop. Alternate different coloured and patterned papers and continue until a long chain has been formed.

Paper Birdies
With any leftover paper you have from making the paper chains, cut out little birdies - or other cute shapes. Cut out a ‘wing’ in a contrasting paper and stick to the bird. Thread a piece of cord onto a button and tie a bow, then glue to the bird’s wing.

Finally add a hole-punched white paper eye to the bird’s head. Stick these onto straws for tabletop decor, or hang with the paper chains.

Fabric Bunting
Co-ordinate your paper chains and pretty birdies with matching fabric bunting. Cut your chosen number of triangular shapes from the selection of fabrics. Try to include floral, stripe and polka dot designs. Attach each triangle to a length of ribbon about 5cm apart using fusible iron-on webbing or a hot glue gun.

Butterfly Biscuits
Mix up a batch of sugar cookies and decorate to match the theme of your wedding. When set, put in a cellophane bag and tie with a colourful ribbon to give as a treat to your guests.

Colourful Pinwheels
Pinwheels are fun and easy to make and can add a splash of colour to your wedding. Pop them into a vase for a quirky display or... ... use pinwheels as a colourful centrepiece.

Rose Bud Name Card
Spray a mini terracotta pot with Rust-Oleum metallic gold spray and also spray the edges of the rose bud petals with gold paint and leave to dry. Draw a star on gold card and cut out. Write a name on with silver pen. Punch a hole in the star and tie onto the rose bud’s stem with ribbon. Cut and fit a small piece of floral foam inside the pot. Pop the rose head and star tag inside and fill in gaps with reindeer moss.

Tinned Flowers
Little tins looked wonderful when dressed with a single white candled and adorned with fresh daisies and a yellow ribbon. Match the colours to your wedding theme to finish off a plain table. Also consider recycling tin cans for the containers. Once washed and done up - who will know!

Decorative Gift Box
In this project find out how to make the perfect gift box. You can use wrapping or scrapbooking paper that matches your wedding theme and finish it off with a decorative ribbon.

Paper Flowers
Planning a wedding or looking for a new way to display flowers in your home? The kusudama is an ancient Japanese craft that uses paper to create multiple identical origami shapes that are glued together.


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