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Make colourful pinwheels

Pinwheels are fun and easy to make and can add a splash of colour to your home or garden. Pop them into a vase for a quirky display or...


... use pinwheels as a colourful centrepiece on a garden table, or at a birthday party, or ...

... pop them onto a batch of birthday or celebration cupcakes!

Before a party, line the perimeter of your garden with pinwheels. Pick colourful paper that reflects the occasion and then hand them out as party favours.

Arrange petite pinwheels in a vase for an instant, out-of-the-ordinary arrangement. When decorating with pinwheels indoors, they don’t necessarily need to spin. Simply secure the paper with a brass fastener, then hot glue finished pinwheels to short, thin dowel rods, small straws or even twigs.

You will need:


Here's how:

1. Cut out
Cut out a square and then create slits as shown.

2. Bend the corners
Before punching your holes on each of the inward bends, bend the corners in with your fingers first - just to be sure you don't punch extra holes by mistake.

3. Punch and place
Punch a hole in each corner and then push the brad through the first corner and then the second corner, and so on, until all the corners are on the brad.

4. Close the brad
Push the brad through the centre and to the back, and open the two flaps to hold in place.

If you are placing the pinwheels on a straw, push the brad points through the straw before opening and securing to the other side of the straw.

If you are mounting the pinwheels onto a thin dowel, use thin wire instead of brads, so that it can be permanently fixed onto the dowel.

There are so many ways to add embellishments to your pinwheels. Scrapbooking stores have so many wonderful goodies that you can use.


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