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Repurposed window frames for wall display

Featured on remodelando la casa, repurposed window frames are given a makeover and mounted onto the wall for a unique feature. This is a wonderful way to make use of salvaged or found wood window frames. And with new glass fitted and some wrapping paper you can create a striking display.


With access to online classifieds and auction sales, you can often pick up great bargains on a wide range of items, and wooden window frames can normally be found at bargain prices where a homeowner is doing improvements and needs to get rid of them quickly.

Depending on the condition of the wooden window frames you will need to do some sanding and possibly filling in a few holes here and there, to get the window frames looking good. For small defects wood filler will do the job, but for deep gouges or missing wood you can use Alcolin quikwood to make repairs.





Start of by sanding with 60/80-grit sandpaper if you need to remove existing layers of paint or varnish. Follow this up with 120-grit sandpaper to smooth and remove any scratches, then finish off with 180-240-grit sandpaper to smooth. Wipe clean before painting the frames.

If glass is fitted to the frames, cover this with masking tape before painting.

After applying wood primer, and depending on the type of finish you want for the frames, you can paint with Plascon Polvin for a matt finish, Plascon Double Velvet for a satin finish, or Plascon Velvaglo or a gloss finish.

If you want to distress or age the frames, you will find various paint techniques in our Decorating Section. At the back of the frames mount a picture hanger on both sides.

Place the hangers about 2 to 3 centimetres from the top, so that the frames don't hang forward when mounted onto the wall. Now you can choose a suitable shelf paper, wrapping paper or fabric to mount into individual panes in the frame. Simply cut the paper or fabric slightly larger than the size of the frame. so that it can be pushed down and sit snugly.