Make Springtime Serviettes

Set the table with this matching serviette and napkin ring holder - in pretty blue and yellow. The rhinestone flowers will add a touch of glitz to any table.



Colourful cotton fabric and matching thread
White fabric offcuts
Sewing machine
Plain napkin rings
Fabric glue






1. Cut and sew
Cut squares 300 x 300mm for the napkins and sew around all four sides with a wavy stitch. Use thread that contrasts with the napkin colour. For the blue napkins I used yellow and white, and for the yellow napkins I used blue and white.

2. Sew again
Sew around all four sides again with your contrasting thread. Make your waves in this stitching opposite what you sewed before.

3. Applique
Choose three small circles that contrast with the napkin colour and sew them on one corner of the napkin.

3. Wrap rings
For the napkin rings, tear 2cm wide x 30cm long strips of white fabric. This will make straight strips with raw edges. Wrap them around the napkins rings. Continue wrapping until your ring is covered. Glue the end down.

4. Make rosette
Make a ribbon rosette or fabric rose out of pretty coordinating grosgrain ribbon. Add rhinestones to the centre of the rosette for a little bling. Glue a small dyed fabric circle behind the rosette. Glue the rosette onto the napkin ring and you’re done.

They look so sweet with the matching napkins slipped in!