How to make a pom-pom rug

Here's a fun way to inject colour and texture into a room... with a pom-pom rug. Making pom-poms is quick and easy and you can use bought or leftover wool to make a whole bunch of colourful pom-poms - or choose a single colour for your pom-pom rug.

You will need a woven mat as the base for your pom-pom rug. You should be able to find something similar at your local fabric shop. Use sharp scissors to cut the mat to the size of your rug. You can hide the cut edge by sewing on a strip of bias or fabric.

Use wool to make up enough colourful pom-poms to fill up the rug. You want them nice and compact for a soft, fluffy look.



On each pom-pom, leave enough wool when you start and end to be able to attach each pom-pom to the woven mat. A crochet hook is perfect for pulling through the wool threads and knotting at the back.