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Great uses for pegboard

You can buy a sheet of pegboard at your local Builders Warehouse for around R200 per sheet. Plan ahead so that you can make full use of a whole sheet and have pieces cut to size for various projects in and around your home.


We have found some great ways to use pegboard, and I'm sure that you will be inspired to make your own pegboard storage.

Almost every DIYer knows the value of pegboard in a workshop. It comes it very handy for hanging and organising smaller tools that normally get consigned to a drawer or cupboard. If you struggle to find pegboard clips, get in touch with a supplier, who might be able to redirect you to an outlet. I googled quite a few companies that supply pegboard hooks and clips. Alternatively, use thin cable ties fastened at the back of the board and looped at the front to store tools and accessories.





Pegboard comes in very useful in a child's bedroom or playroom. They can use a pegboard to mount all their craft accessories neatly and be able to find them easily.

This is a wonderful idea for coralling stationery supplies in a craft room or children's bedroom. Colourful tin buckets are hung on shelf pins to store a wide range of accessories. When you find what you need, simply remove the bucket.

Having a wrapping station mounted to the wall frees up valuable countertop space and lets you work in an organised manner. Just another way that using pegboard makes life easier.

We recently featured a selection of craft room ideas and for those who love to sew, this is a great way to have everything you need close to hand without cluttering up the work space. I have had many requests to make a craft centre, and I will be making one this coming week for those of you who want to make your own craft centre.

And of course, we've got one for the DIY Divas. If you're going to hang a pegboard, might as well pretty it up with a frame!

Need extra space in a kitchen? Mount pegboard onto a wall and use hooks to hang up items that you use on a regular basis, such as kitchenware if you are a home-based cooking business.

This kitchen idea from Martha Stewart I do like. Using hooks to hang small baskets onto a wall-mounted pegboard. You can pick up woven baskets on the cheap and they are great for storing fruit and vegetables. You could also use repurposed plastic containers, such as ice cream tubs, and finish them off with decoupage to match the style of a kitchen.

Not just for indoors, you can use a pegboard in a garden shed or garage to store all your small gardening essentials.    


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