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Paper or fabric covered Easter eggs

Make these decorative Easter eggs with pretty fabric or patterned wrapping paper and then place them on display on a table or shelf.



Thin wrapping, scrapbooking paper or fabric
Paint brush
ModPodge or acrylic sealer



Grab as many eggs as you need and then follow these instructions to blow out the eggs so they are nice and clean.

Cut the paper slightly larger than the length and circumference of the egg. Fold into quarters and cut thin strips without cutting through the paper. The folding is optional, but it does save you from making four times as many cuts. Open your folds and you should have a piece of paper that is 'feathered' but intact around the centre section, lengthwise.

Use a paint brush to linerally apply ModPodge around the centre of the egg and then wrap the paper around the egg. As you finish each egg, put them aside to dry for a bit. Take an egg with the paper dried around the middle, and fold down the strips around the end of the egg, creating sort of a sunburst pattern. Add some ModPodge on the egg and start gluing the strips to the egg - overlapping the paper as you go.

Make sure you press down well so as not to create too many air bubbles. Since paper isn't completely flexible, there will be a couple places where the coverage may warp a bit, but for the most part, the overlap should be pretty smooth. Do this on both ends of the egg, and you're done!

Apply 2 or 3 coats of ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer over the entire egg to finish off.


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