How to make a macramé bracelet

This macramé bracelet is made entirely of square knots and is the perfect starting project for getting used to simple knots before tackling a larger or more complex pattern.


4 metres of cord cut to sizes
60cm for centre filler
250cm for knotting
Bead with large hole (to thread at least one but preferably two cords through.




At the half-way mark on your filler cord (the shorter piece) create a loop an appropriate size to fit your bead. Tuck this loop under the clamp of a clipboard. Find the half-way mark on your knotting cord (the longer piece) and secure around the filler cords as shown left.

Begin tying square knots as illustrated in the series of photos below.

Continue tying square knots until you have reached a good length for your bracelet. Remember that you are knotting only with the knotting cord. The central filler cord remains stationary and the knotting cord is knotted around it.

Finish your bracelet by clipping off the central filler cords and threading the knotting cords through the hole in your bead. If the hole in your bead is too small to accommodate both knotting cords, carefully anchor one of the knotting cords to the bracelet by stitching with needle and thread and clipping off the end of that cord.

Thread the remaining knotting cord through the bead. Secure the bead onto the cord(s) by wrapping the cord(s) with embroidery floss or yarn to prevent the bead from slipping off. Unravel the end of the cord(s) to create a tassel. You may want to trim the end of the tassel.

Macramé Shoulder Bag

Feeling a bit more confident. Make this shoulder bag from macramé braid, cotton or twine. The bag is made using square knots and alternative square knots.