Use wine or made crates for book shelves

We have featured quite a few articles that focus on using wine crates or your own made crates for storage. This project shows how to use modified crates as book storage shelves for a child's bedroom.


This project, designed and created by jen at i heart organizing, shows how you can use an ordinary pine crate to add practical book shelves to a child's bedroom.

Using a few pieces of 10 x 44mm PAR pine that you can buy at Builders Warehouse, you can make up your own crates for this project - and make them so that they don't need to be cut in half.

Paint the crates with two coats of Plascon One Coat pure brilliant white water-based enamel.



Note: Although jen mentioned this at the beginning of her project, I would leave the painting until the end if you are going to cut ready-made crates in half.

Just below any handle holes - if there are any - attach two keyhole brackets.
Note: The brackets available locally aren't quite the same as the ones shown here, so my advice is to use a pencil to mark the hole for the bracket, use an 8mm wood bit to drill out and then screw the bracket in place.

Find instructions here for drilling out and attaching keyhole brackets.

To mount the crate book shelves onto the wall, use nylon wall plugs and screws.