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Decorating for a trendy Christmas on a non-trendy budget

We are all watching our wallets closely as we begin to prepare for Christmas. There are children, parents, siblings, friends, teachers and a host of others for whom we need to purchase gifts. And you're likely planning to throw at least one holiday gathering that involves large quantities of food and drink.


Then there are your holiday decorations. If you're like most homeowners, you were planning to simply pull out the lights, ornaments and adornments that you've been using for the last couple of years. But what if you could have all new decorations without the expensive price tag? There are creative, cost-effective ways to spruce up your existing decorations with the season's trendiest colors without breaking the bank. Here's a look at some inspired holiday project ideas:

Make your interior merrier

Your Christmas tree sets the stage for the holiday theme and feel of your home. Refinishing ornaments is one of the fastest and easiest ways to update your look. Grab a couple of cans of Rust-Oleum spray paint from your local Builders Warehouse to create an entirely new colour scheme on which you can build. Remember, though, that your newly transformed ornaments can be used for more than just your tree.

You likely have clear glass vases and bowls hiding around your home. Bring them out and add the painted ornaments to create a clever centrepiece on your kitchen table or in a guest bathroom. Write your guests' names on some ornaments with a metallic leafing pen to mark place settings at dinner or to use as a unique gift tag.

Every year there is a certain place I visit to collect pine cones. Small, large and enormous, these make wonderful centrepiece additions when lightly sprayed and dusted with glitter.

Terra cotta pots can easily be transformed into glowing accent lighting for your coffee table, fireplace mantel or buffet. Spray the pots and bases with Rust-Oleum metallic spray paint and just add candles and pine cones.

Spice up outdoor festivities

Don't forget the front door and windows. Making a wreath is a fairly simple project and you can add new affordable embellishments like pine cones, shimmery ribbon or silk flowers. Whether you're looking to spice up the inside or outside of your home this holiday season, don't forget to look around the house and in those boxes of old holiday decorations for objects you can turn into the trendy item of the season on a budget.

Be more green
In these energy-conscious times, LED lights should contend for your attention. If their reputation for casting a cold glow has kept you at bay, it's time to think again. Now, LED lights have the warmer tone that so many people seek while still offering longer life and lower energy expenditures than traditional bulbs. Since you can find them in almost all variations offered by traditional bulbs, your decorating options are wide open.

In addition, consider these new spins on holiday decorating:

Pop art

If you're feeling bold, make your holiday decorations all about of-the-moment colour and modern details. Start with an artificial white tree. The snowy white branches are the perfect backdrop to make brightly coloured glass bulbs and baubles really stand out.

Go for colours like fuchsia, apple green, lemon yellow and turquoise. For an extra "wow" factor, add even more lights - use multicoloured strands that will play on the hues of your ornaments.


Think rich woods, earth tones and, of course, splashes of brick red for this upscale-yet-casual look. Stringing your tree with white and gold lights will give it a warm glow; play on that ambience with raffia garland and ornaments made of natural materials.

Hang cable-knit socks on the mantle for another touch of cosy luxury. The key to this look is that it is glowing, rather than shiny. Try wrapping gifts in brown paper and adding pops of colour with ribbon in colours that match your decor.

White Christmas

The nice thing about using white as the basis for the holiday decorating is that it goes with any colour scheme. White decorations on a beautiful green tree remind of the true meaning of Christmas and the purity that lies beneath all the celebration. For sparkle, add a touch of metallic silver or gold to baubles and trim. Wrap presents in plain white paper, topped off with white or silver ribbon. Decorating in white is definitely affordable, break out granny's hand-me-down cutlery set and china and place on a white tablecloth.

Getting started with your holiday decorating projects is as simple as going to your local Builders Warehouse or Makro store to stock up on what you need. Then it's time to get the whole family involved with making your home look holiday-perfect - just another tradition that makes this such a fun time of year.

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