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Paper Christmas wreath

Recycle your old wrapping paper into a decorative paper wreath.


2 sheets of wrapping paper
Large and small bowl as a templates to trace around
Lightweight cardboard or poster board
Craft knife and board to cut on
Stapler and plenty of staples






1. Place the large bowl upside down on the cardboard and trace around it.

2. Place the small bowl upside down in the centre of the circle you've just drawn and trace around it.

3. Cut around the outside of the largest circle. Cut out the small circle so you end up with a doughnut shape.

4. Draw a leaf shape about 12.5 cm long on a piece of paper, and cut it out to use as a template. The number of leaves you need may vary slightly depending on how much you overlap your leaves and the size of your circle.

5. Roll the bottom edges of the leaf together so they overlap and the sides curl up.

6. Staple the rolled leaf to the bottom, just off centre, of the wreath base so the open end of the leaf is pointing out and down.

7. Continue rolling each leaf as you go, stapling them in position so they overlap the previous leaf. They need to overlap and be placed close to each other so the cardboard base and the staples aren't visible. The leaves should be positioned so that they follow the curve of the wreath base. The placing is fairly random, the leaves aren't in rows.

8. Continue stapling the leaves in place, stopping occasionally to see the overall shape being formed. Make sure the tips of your leaves follow the curve of the wreath base. When you have reached half way stop - go back to your original starting point. Now start again from this point, facing your leaves the other way and going in the opposite direction around the wreath. Make sure that you overlap the leaves at the starting point so there are no gaps.

9. Tie a half bow in your ribbon so there is a small loop and one short and one long end. Thread the long end behind in the leaves in the top centre of the wreath. Staple the ribbon to the wreath.

The wreath is so light that it can easily be hung with Prestik.


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