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Craft Ideas for Mother's Day

We have compiled a selection of great craft ideas for Mother's Day that dad and the kids can make, or you can make for your own mom.


Kids enjoy Mother's Day as a way for them to make and give gifts for mom. And what mom wouldn't be happy to receive a gift that the kids have spent hours making. This beautiful bouquet of paper flowers features individual handprints that the kids cut out of colourful paper. This clever craft by non-toy gifts is adorable and the kids will have so much fun cutting out and writing their names on their own individual handprints. This is also a great idea as a teacher appreciation gift.

Another crafty way to incorporate your little ones handprint is to paint up a plain plastic or clay flowerpot. Buy a colourful plant for mom and pop it into your flowerpot to make a personalised Mother's Day gift.



For the mom who loves to bake, why not personalise an oven mitt or apron and add a handprint for that personal touch. Use fabric paint to add the handprint and then go over with a warm iron to seal the paint into the fabric.

You can even use handprints to make your own colourful Mother's Day cards. Buy some colourful card and a selection of craft paints and have some handy fun to make your own cards.

There are plenty of moms that love to collect pretty antiques or collectables. I personally love collecting vintage tea cups and saucers and absolutely love this idea for decorating the gift with a yummy cupcake! If your mom collects vintage or antique tea cups and saucers or crockery sets, I found a great place to buy these at Clyde on 4th in Melville, Johannesburg.

At Clyde on 4th you can buy a selection of Shelley, Royal Doulton, Royal Albert, Wedgewood and so many other china and porcelain collectables.

If the kids love working with plastercine or salt dough, there are plenty of fun craft ideas for making a unique gift for Mother's Day, and salt dough is probably one of the most affordable materials you can use to craft with.

Mix up a batch of salt dough for the kids to use to make shapes as mini picture frames. You can glue a magnet onto the back of the finished frames to mount on a fridge door, fasten a safety pin onto the back to make a nice brooch for mom, or just leave them as mini picture frames that mom can stick somewhere close to her heart! You will find a recipe here for making your own salt dough or find a detailed step-by-step project here.

Let the kids get down and messy with some great cement crafts that will last a lifetime. They can make personalised cement stepping stones for in the garden, or a pot holder for the kitchen countertop.

There's no limit to the number of craft ideas that you can design using either salt dough, air-dry clay or cement. Make sure that the kids wear gloves when working with cement, and wash hands well afterwards.

Use materials that you can find around the house like seashells, colourful painted pebbles, glass marbles, buttons, leaves for adding a textured finish, and anything else that you come across that would be a great addition to the finished project.



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