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Salt Dough Easter Garland

Start crafting for Easter with this adorable salt dough Easter garland.


This salt dough garland features a selection of colourful Easter eggs crafted using salt dough. Salt dough is an inexpensive and easy way to craft a wide range of goodies and an affordable alternative to using air dry clay. Plus, you will probably already have the ingredients in your home. 

Use colourful ribbons to make up the garland and then hang up to add Easter decor to your celebrations. Make about 12 to 15 individual egg shapes for a wonderful Easter display.

Choose your paint colours to match the theme for your Easter event or special occasion - they are so cheap to make you can make plenty in one go. You can also change the shape to fit in with any type of special event. 


Salt dough mixture - see below

Oval cookie cutter or cut out freehand

Rolling pin

Craft paint and paintbrushes

ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer

Colourful ribbons






1. To make the salt dough, mix 2 cups of plain flour with 1 cup salt and add approximately 1 cup water to form the salt dough.

2. Use your rolling pin to roll the salt dough to a thickness of about to about 6mm thick and then cut out the oval egg shapes.


3. You need to make a hole at the top of each egg shape and you can use a pine or bamboo skewer to do this.

4. Place all the cut shapes on a baking tray on low heat (about 180°) for a couple of hours until they are dry and hard. Allow to cool. 

5. Now you can use craft paint to embellish the egg shapes. After painting, apply 2 coats of ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer and then thread through the colourful ribbons to hang up.

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