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Turn pine offcuts into colourful cutting board or serving platters

While putting the new Skil Multi Saw to the test I decided to use pine offcuts to make up colourful cutting boards or serving platters.


It's a waste to throw away offcuts and I always try and keep larger pieces for small projects like this one. The boards aren't all the same size, so here's the perfect opportunity to put the new Skil Multi Saw to the test If you don't have pine offcuts you can buy a small piece of laminated pine at your local Builders.

I recently tried out the Bosch PKS 16 Multi Saw and was impressed. However, the only problem with the Bosch version of the multi saw is that it only cuts to a depth of 16mm - not great if you need to cut pine or 18mm boards. The new Skil Multi Saw 5330 AA cuts up to 25mm thick boards, as well as ceramic tiles.

Because I am using food colouring to tint the wood I need to make a break in the surface to prevent the food colouring from bleeding into the surrounding wood. To do this I made a template using a scrap of 16mm plywood and cut this into a 'V' shape.

To cut the groove in the pine boards I am using my Dremel 8200 and Plunge Router Attachment and I discuss how to use the Router Attachment here.

The Plunge Router Attachment includes a guide bushing that is fitted into the base and makes it easy to guide the bushing around the template to cut accurately. I am setting the depth of the cutting bit #9901 to only remove 3 to 4mm deep - just enough to prevent to food colouring from bleeding into the surrounding wood.

Food colouring is an expensive and easy way to add bright colour to wood, and a little goes a long way. You can mix up primary colour to make your own colour combinations and add water to lighten the colour.

The cut line effectively stops the food colouring from spreading into the surrounding board.

Use a food grade mineral oil over the board once the food colouring is dry. Let the oil soak in deeply all over the board and then apply a second layer for good measure. You can safely use the board for food if you use food grade oil to finish.



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