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Quick and Easy Crafty DIY Christmas Ornaments

If your Christmas tree is looking a bit empty or you just don't have enough ornaments to finish off, here are some quick and easy crafty DIY Christmas ornament ideas.


I love making my own Christmas tree ornaments and have posted quite a few ideas in the Holidays and Special Occasions section in Crafts. One of my favourites, and that I still use on my Christmas tree are the Little Soldiers. I made my little soldiers a couple of years back and then completely forgot to post the project on the website. So now I'm featuring these adorable little guys as a quick and easy project you can do to add to your Christmas tree.






Little Soldiers

The little soldier ornaments are made using ordinary pine or meranti dowels that you can buy at any Builders store. They are painted red, black and white using acrylic craft paint, with added details to finish them off.

To hang the little soldier ornaments on the tree, simply screw an eye-hook into the top and attach a small piece of ribbon on twine.





There are plenty more quick and easy crafty DIY ideas for making wonderful Christmas tree ornaments, and here are just a few that we want to share...

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Using cookie cutters is a fun way to dress the Christmas tree. You can use the cookie cutters themselves as ornaments, with a bit of added embellishment, or you can buy or make air-dry or salt-dough clay and make your own ornaments for the tree.






Glass Tree Ornaments

If you enjoy working with ceramics and glass, these beautiful glass Christmas tree ornaments are easy to make using 3mm glass, glass stain, copper and gold wire and a few embellishments.

Gingerbread Tree Ornaments

What a great way to start a family tradition. Let the whole family bake a batch of gingerbread ornaments to hang on the tree, and everyone gets to eat them after Christmas. Of course, you will have to watch out for sticky fingers all the time!

Paper and Cardboard Ornaments

What better way to make your own Christmas tree ornaments than to recycle paper and cardboard waste. We've already got a step-by-step tutorial for making these adorable angels for the Christmas tree and they won't cost that much to make.

With so many easy and inexpensive ways to make decorative ornaments for the Christmas tree, your tree will never have to be sad again.



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