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Gift Boxes for small Gifts and Treats

We have previously used coloured card to make gift boxes and here's another gift box ideas for small gifts and treats.


The pyramid-shaped gift boxes are wonderful for filling with treats for Valentine's Day, and they are so easy to make using coloured card. After the overwhelming response to our previous gifts boxes, we thought you may be interested in another easy and inexpensive way to present your gifts.

While the gift boxes are fairly small, there's still plenty of space for you to pop in some Valentine treats for your loved one this Valentine's Day.


Coloured card


Pen or pencil 

Circular template


Scissors or craft knife

Hole punch






1. Mark off the card into equal square sections. The larger the squares - the larger your pyramid gift box will be.

GOOD TO KNOW: Press down hard with your pen or pencil to score the card.

2. Draw  diagonal line from the corner to the top centre of each square.

3. Continue to add diagonal lines to all the squares on your piece of card.



4. Use a circular template that is large enough to allow you to draw a curved shape along each diagonal line.

5. Use scissors or a craft knife to cut out the outline on your piece of card.

6. Punch a hole at the end of each section, as shown below.

7. Fold the card along the curved shape - see below.

8. Continue until all the outer curved edges are folded...



...Place your treats inside the centre...

...And thread through the ribbon to close the box at the top.

Now you have a pretty gift box you can use for all your small gifts.



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