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Valentine Gift Box Ideas

Make your own inexpensive Valentine gift boxes using coloured card and give to your loved one this Valentine's Day.


These adorable Valentine's Day gift boxes are super easy to make using coloured card and inexpensive, which means you will have more to spend on the perfect gift. This project is also great for the kids to make as Teacher Appreciation Gifts. Buy a selection of different coloured card and thin ribbons to make your own affordable Valentine's Day gift boxes.


Coloured card


Valentine treats

CD or DVD as a template


Sharp scissors






1. Use the CD or DVD to draw circles. Press the pen down hard on the card to also score the card for folding later on.

2 - 3. With the ruler, draw a vertical line and horizontal line - at halfway - through the circle shape.

4 - 5. Place the CD or DVD so that it meets at the top of the vertical and horizontal lines and draw around with the pen, again scoring the card at the same time.

6 - 7. Now draw a vertical and horizontal line through the second circle and repeat step 4 and 5 above.

8. Carefully and neatly cut out the shape with sharp scissors.

9 - 12. Fold along the scored lines that you made using a pen. The outer circle sections are folded in (10 below) and then you can fold the two circles over each other (11 below) to make the gift box (12 below). Pop in your Valentine's treat and close by wrapping a pretty ribbon around the box.



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