Ideas for felt nursery mobile

Felt is an inexpensive material to work with if you buy small squares, and you can buy felt in so many colours - making it the ideal material to use to make a colourful and fun nursery mobile.


You can buy colourful felt squares at craft and hobby shops around the country, or buy online if you are unable to source in your area. Because it's so easy to use, felt lends itself wonderfully for making a nursery mobile if pastel, primary or bold hues.

Use an embroidery hoop as the support frame for your felt mobile to mount on a  frame and hang over a cot or crib. You can wrap the embroidery hoop in wool or string and add hanging straps above and below.



Cut out the shapes, sew around the edges using a basic blanket stitch, leaving a small opening to pack in some batting and then sew closed.

There are so many sites on the Internet, and particularly on Etsy, where you can download a PDF pattern for different mobile designs.

Below are some cute items for nursery mobile characters...

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