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Engrave on pebbles and rocks

If you own a Dremel MultiTool, engraving on pebbles and rocks is just another fun craft you can discover.


You can do so much with a Dremel MultiTool and a few accessories, but what I love about this amazing tool is that you can have fun with so many different types of crafts. Engraving on wood, glass and steel is easy, and a new craft that you can have lots of fun with is engraving on beach or river pebbles.

From jewellery to decor to gifts, once you invest in a Dremel MultiTool you will open up a whole new world of crafts. Priced from around R820.00 for an entry-level model, you don't have to spend a fortune to get started with Dremel crafts. You will find the full selection of Dremel MultiTools at your local Builders Warehouse or Makro, or buy online.

Using a Dremel MultiTool is easy, and if you need guidance on using your new tool you will find plenty of tips and tricks in our Dremel Crafts section, or you can sign up for a DIY-Divas workshop and receive hands-on training, and there are hundreds of videos on YouTube.

To engrave on pebbles or rocks you will need a Dremel MultiTool and a couple of accessories.


#84922 silicone carbide grinding stone

#7134 diamond wheel point

WD-40 oil*

We recommend WD-40 be used as a cutting oil to reduce wear on your grinding stone and diamond wheel point accessories.

Crafters around the globe are using Dremel MultiTools to create designer gifts using pebbles and rocks that you can collect on day trips and travels.

GOOD TO KNOW: Don't expect to get it right on the first go! You are going to need to practice with your Dremel MultiTool on a few projects to master the art of using both the tool and the accessory, so have plenty of pebbles or rocks handy.


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