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Gift idea #2 Engraved Jar

Engraving a glass jar with a Dremel MultiTool is a festive decoration and thoughtful gift this holiday season



Festive pattern

Craft scissors


Glass jar - recycle food containers

Find a variety of Dremel tools and accessories at your local Builders



1. Draw a freehand design, or print out a pattern to engrave on the glass jar. We found a snowflake pattern online and then printed it out.

2. Use tape to firmly secure the template to the inside of the jar. Make sure the pattern is located on the glass where you plan to engrave it.

3. With the pattern secured to the glass, use your Dremel MultiTool and grinding stone accessory to customise your jar. Trace the entire pattern with the grinding stone, engraving into the glass as you go.

Once complete, decorate the jar with raffia, pine, and berries. Place a candle or cookies in the jar to spread holiday cheer to friends and family, or give as a gift.


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