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Make a Christmas tree with branches

Put trimmed branches to good use by making your own Christmas tree for mounting on a wall. Great idea for a small home that doesn't really have the space for a traditional tree.


When you trim large shrubs or small trees in the garden, this is an excellent way to use the branches, rather than throw them away. For this project you need 18 to 20 branches that can be trimmed down to give you a triangular shape.



Secateurs or pruning shears

Cotton string or thin rope

Glue gun and hot glue sticks

Decorations and ornaments for your tree



1. The branches don't necessarily have to be perfectly straight, but try to have longer branches that are reasonably straight for a nice shape. Use secateurs or pruning shears to trim away any offshoots and trim the branches to shape.

2. Use the cotton string or rope to secure each individual branch in place. Start at the bottom on one side, working your way to the top to make a hoop for hanging the tree and then continue down the other side.

3. Once all the branches are secured you can use a hot glue gun to attach decorations and ornaments onto the front of the branches.

This is an excellent way to put those broken ornaments to good use. Where tops are missing, or ornaments are cracked, use these to decorate your branch tree.

Finish off your branch Christmas tree with salt dough ornaments.


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