Salt dough holiday crafts

Decorating the home for the festive season doesn't have to be expensive. These salt dough holiday crafts not only fill up the Christmas tree, they are also a fun way to keep the kids occupied during the school holidays. Salt dough ornaments use items you already have in your home and with a few embellishments can be a wonderful way to dress up a Christmas tree.



1 cup cake flour
1/2 cup salt
1/4 cup water
Rolling pin
Cookie cutters or knife
Baking sheet
Craft paint
Rust-Oleum glitter spray
Rust-Oleum clear spray sealer
Artist's paintbrushes or small foam painting pads

Optional: stamps and stencils (you can buy these at craft/hobby stores or online)






To make up a batch of salt dough, mix the flour and salt together and slowly stir in the water. Knead until combined and smooth on a lightly floured surface. The dough should roll out without breaking - but not be too moist. Add more flour or water if needed. Wrap the salt dough in clingwrap and place in an airtight container. Only work with what you need for each project so it doesn’t dry out. When using the salt dough, roll out on a lightly floured board and use a cookie cutter or knife to create your own designs.

Tips for using salt dough

  • I prefer to roll out my salt dough on wax paper, so that they are easy to lift once rolled out.

  • Use a toothpick to make a hole at the top of your creations for a hanger.

  • Place your salt dough creations in a warm over (60-degrees C) and leave overnight.

  • Prime the salt dough with a coat of white craft paint before decorating.

  • After painting, spray both sides with Rust-Oleum clear sealer.

Christmas stamps are perfect for adding festive messages to your salt dough ornaments and gift tags, and you can use them year after year. Other options for decorating salt dough ornaments include pressing doilies onto the surface to create a wonderful textured finish.

Dig out grandma's old doilies, or shop secondhand stores for designs that you can use to create delicate pressed patterns on your salt dough ornaments.

Use wine bottle corks to make button stamps. Apply a layer of hot glue onto one end of the cork and quickly press down your button. The glue will ooze through the button holes to make a lovely display stamp for using on salt dough or air-dry clay.

Make lasting memories by letting your little ones press their hands into the salt dough.

Use branches, leaves and twigs to decorate your salt dough tree ornaments or gift tags. Typrographic letter stencils are also great for adding names to your salt dough ornaments or tags, and you can also use these on metal for more crafts.

Use thinly pressed salt dough to make your own unique gift tags for the festive season and special occasions. There are so many creative ideas for using air-dry clay and salt dough for ornaments and gift tags.