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Give Any Bedroom a Much-Needed Makeover

If your bedroom is feeling stale and lacklustre, becoming a space where you don't want to spend time, then perhaps it needs a makeover?






Bedrooms, and especially a master bedroom, are usually at the bottom of the list when it comes to re-decorating or makeovers. We might buy new sheets and bed linen, perhaps even new curtains and a few soft decor accessories, but giving the bedroom a brand new look doesn't happen very often. The bedroom might have looked great when it was first decorated, but over time, you don't even realise that it no longer feels exciting but rather bland and boring. If this is the case with your bedroom then it's time to grab your tools and paintbrushes and visit your local Builders store before stocking up on new textiles, furniture, and accessories for the room.









We spend a huge amount of time in the bedroom, and it should be a place we can retire to at the end of the day - a place to revitalise and energise ahead of a new day. Even when waking up in the mornings, your bedroom should be an exciting room that puts you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.





This stunning bedroom transformation popped up in my 'gram feed and was posted by @frills_and_drills, a DIY website that shows you how to build a beautiful home. As soon as I saw the bedroom makeover, I knew I had to share the details of the before and after and how you too can give your bedroom a similar makeover using readily available materials.



The before image (above) shows a bland bedroom without any architectural details, a basic brown carpet, dark brown bed frame and furniture, and Venetian blinds on the windows. While the bedroom is spacious, there is so much more that can be done in the room.





The bedroom after (above) doesn't even look like the same bedroom, but it is. Full use has been made of the space to allow for a comfortable seating area in front of the large window, the brown carpet has been replaced by wood-look ceramic tiles and covered with a large rug that takes its colour cues from those used in the room on walls, furniture, and bedding.









What demands most of the attention after the bedroom makeover is the blue shiplap wall behind the bed. Shiplap is another name for plywood and in this case, it is 6mm plywood that is cut in long and narrow strips that are then glued onto the wall. You don't need to use plywood, which in this country can be awful to look at, but you can use 3mm or 6mm-thick SupaWood cut into strips and glued onto the wall with contractor's adhesive or No More Nails. While 3mm or 6mm SupaWood cannot be purchased at Builders, there are plenty of other supplies that stock and will cut to size for you.





How to Clad a Wall using SupaWood

While cladding a wall with wood is no longer a popular trend, finishing a wall with painted cladding is. This method gives a room texture and interest and is a great way of disguising walls with an ugly plaster finish, walls prone to regular cracks, or just to add a unique feature to any room.


Step 1

Measure up the wall you want to clad. A sheet of 3mm or 6mm-thick SupaWood (MDF) measures 1830 x 2750 and from this measurement, you can determine the length and width of the slats or planks that you want to use to cover the wall. You can have slats cut that will cover the entire wall in a single length, or have them cut smaller to give a staggered effect.



Step 2

Paint the strips before mounting them onto the wall. Use acrylic paint that is washable if you want to be able to clean this from time to time. You don't need to use a primer, but this will extend the lifespan of the wall and is worth the extra cost, but it is not a must-do.



Step 3

Use contractor's adhesive or No More Nails to glue the panels onto the wall. DO use a spirit level as you work to ensure everything is straight and level.









Add Architectural Detail with Faux Ceiling Beams

Faux (fake) ceiling beams are a trendy and practical solution if you want to add beams to a ceiling in the home. These beams are great for adding architectural detail and atmosphere to a room and look fantastic when combined with all decor styles and particularly if you are looking to add a rustic or natural element to a room



Making faux ceiling beams is an easy and affordable DIY project and you will find instructions on how to on this page: ../diy-1/how-to-make-and-install-fake-ceiling-beams.html





Make Same Windows Look Taller

Windows that float in a wall do not add anything to a room and can spoil the overall look. An easy way to overcome this and make windows a feature is to install a curtain rod or pole just below ceiling height and this will enable you to hang curtains that drape from ceiling to floor. This technique instantly turns the previously awkward-looking windows into a feature that lifts the room and makes a low ceiling appear higher than it is. Treating windows in this way in a dark or small bedroom also helps to lighten the room and make it feel more spacious and airier.





Make Floors a Feature

Carpets that were installed in the previous century are not doing anything for a bedroom and, in fact, the opposite. The carpet is no doubt faded or appears worn and installing new flooring will have an impact on the look of the bedroom. There are plenty of affordable options out there from wood-look ceramic or porcelain tiles, laminate flooring and even cushion or luxury vinyl that replicates the look of a wood plank floor. With all these options, you can choose the best flooring solution that fits in with your budget and the look you want for the bedroom. 



Topping off your flooring choice with a large rug or several smaller rugs is a must for a bedroom. Not only does a rug bring a level of softness and warmth underfoot, but it also protects the flooring from scratches and scuffing. So, keep that in mind when decorating any room in the home.





Lighten Furniture and Fittings

Furniture and light fittings are the finishing touches for your bedroom, and you want them to visually enhance the space. Where possible, try to stick to furniture that is of a light colour or consider painting dark furniture to complement the decorating scheme. Some may think that painting over solid wood furniture is a crime, but the plus side of this is that you do not need to purchase new furniture for the bedroom and can simply paint what you have to fit in.



Lighting is an important element in any room but more so in a master bedroom. This is a room where you want to relax and perhaps read a book while in bed, perhaps even watch a movie, or you use the bedroom as a dressing room. All these tasks require a certain level of light. A central ceiling fixture will add atmosphere to the room and provide overall lighting, but floor lamps and bedside lamps will provide accent and task lighting that is also needed. 







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