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Bedroom Rug Tips to Create a Truly Relaxing Space

Creating the perfect bedroom aesthetic can be achieved through the simple and cost-effective use of the right rug.





If your bedroom is not the ultimate relaxation space - somewhere where you can shut the world out, rest and recuperate - then it’s time for a change. And we’re not talking about a new bed, headboard, or pedestals. Creating the perfect bedroom aesthetic can be achieved through the simple and cost-effective use of the right rug.



One of the most popular rug designs to grace homes is the vintage collection. The variety of hues and designs provide a balance between almost any decor style from country to contemporary and exude classic elegance. The design is inspired by the antiquity of Persia and this reflects in these elegant rugs that are perfect for any room in the home. To see more of this rug selection, view the Sultan Vintage and Sultan Aztec ranges at









According to the team at Rug Warehouse, SA’s fastest-growing online rug store, creating a dreamy bedroom space is not only a must, but it can also be done very easily using their rugs. View their rugs for sale. “When it comes to bedrooms, the key is comfort,” they commented, and have offered the following tips.



Neutral rugs with minimal pattern design introduce subtle texture and pattern to a bedroom without overpowering the eye. Using a rug with a high pile or shaggy look up the comfort factor for a cosy bedroom atmosphere. Rugs with a high pile offer luxurious comfort and softness underfoot.







The simplistic look is very in right now, mixing neutral tones with limited patterns to “tone down” your bedroom space and create a harmonious overall effect. This doesn’t mean you have to remove the texture element, as you can still choose a high pile or shaggy rug. It merely suggests that you make use of whites, creams, dusty pinks, and light greys to create a calming space.



Having a large rug or several smaller rugs not only adds to the look and feel of a bedroom but also adds another layer of texture. Rugs are the perfect solution over laminate floors to protect the finish, over ceramic or porcelain tiles for warmth underfoot and can even be layered over fitted carpets.



Typically, there are already a number of hard elements within your bedroom, such as your bed, headboard, and pedestals, and that is where the texture of the rug can make a huge difference. Placing a softer, textured rug will add plushness to the room and create the perfect balance against the harder, more angular, elements of a bedroom. Further to this, the team cannot place enough emphasis on adding something soft to your bedroom. Bedrooms, even with wooden floors, can feel cold, both actually and aesthetically. But by adding a soft rug to the space, an instant cosiness will be felt, not to mention a joyous feeling underfoot.



Bring your journey closer towards an oasis of calm to retreat to after a busy day.



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