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Plywood perfect for children's rooms

Plywood decor and furniture is perfect for decorating children's bedrooms or for making furniture. Marine plywood is a strong board product available at timber merchants around the country and costs a fraction of what it would cost to buy hardwoods.


Pine, birch or meranti veneer plywood, or marine plywood is perfect for adding something different to children's bedrooms. It's affordable when compared to wood products, will not split or warp as laminated pine does, and can be left raw, stained, painted or varnished easily.


Create a trendy study area for a child's bedroom using marine plywood. You will find instructions for making the plywood desk above here on Home-Dzine. If you buy one sheet you will have plenty left over for other projects, such as decorative accents, shelves, storage cubes, etc.











We found some great ideas for using plywood to add furniture and decor accessories to a child's bedroom, like this colourful bookshelf below. Grab a can or two of Rust-Oleum 2X in your fave colours and inject personality into a bedroom for the cost of a can of spray paint. 



This copper pipe lamp with plywood storage boxes make the perfect bedside table for a teen bedroom.









Substitute laminated pine with marine plywood to make a rustic bed.

Plywood is very easy to work with. It's easy to cut at home using DIY power tools. You can have all the projects cut to size at your local timber merchant, or cut them yourself at home. A jigsaw will allow you to be even more creative for curves or decorative cut outs.

Plywood is a product manufactured from thin layers (plies) of wood glued together. The plies are layered in opposing directions on top of each other in a process called cross-graining. It is this method that creates a strong product that does not warp and is very strong, making it perfect for children's furniture, while plywood is fairly lightweight.

As we look towards more sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to cutting down our forests, board products such as plywood are being use more and more for manufacturing furniture and accessories. With it's wood veneer, plywood offers you the possibility of having the look of genuine wood in a home - without the guilt of destroying our natural resources.