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Does Your Bedroom Need A Wake Up? Time To Try One Of These Affordable Decor Tricks!

You spend so much of your downtime in the bedroom, why not give it an affordable refresh for an updated look?



With spending so much of our downtime in the bedroom, it's not long before it starts to feel stale and uninspiring. As the room we wake up to every morning, the bedroom should be a refreshing place to open your eyes to, a room where you wake up in a good mood ready to start the day. If your bedroom doesn't do that and it's not a space you enjoy retreating to every night, it's time to make a few changes.




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If you are constantly banging your head on the wall or cleaning dirty stains above the bed, it's about time you added a headboard. Not only will a headboard let you get comfortable in bed when you are reading or working on your laptop, but it also makes any bedroom feel more luxurious, and you don't need to spend a fortune on a basic headboard design that you can DIY in your spare time.

Don't you just love the faux suede headboard feature above! Thin SupaWood or plywood (3mm) squares are wrapped in tactile faux suede fabric and fastened onto a backboard before being framed and mounted above the bed. Using suede is an affordable and easy to work with fabric and brings warmth and comfort to any bed. If you want even more luxury, add a layer of batting and thin foam for a more padded look.










If your bedroom doesn't have enough space for a pair of bedside tables or cabinets and you need them, there's nothing stopping you from making a basic shelf that can be mounted on the wall next to the bed. It doesn't need to be large and bulky but quite the opposite. A slimline shelf will provide enough space for a few bedside essentials and won't interfere with the floor space. Think KISS and keep it simple sister!

Find step-by-step instructions in this article for making a simple shelf bracket.









I'm not a huge fan of layering too many pillows on the bed, especially when you have to throw them off when you climb into the bed, but a couple of decorative pillows do bring a sense of comfort and luxury to the bed. The principle of layering the bed is to no overdo it. If it takes you more than a minute to clear off the bed before you can climb in, you have too much stuff on there! Add a couple of extra cushions in complementary colours and a matching throw or blanket and your bedroom is ready for cooler weather.




Small or large, every bedroom should have at least one mirror, large or small. You can have a floor-standing mirror that you can use to dress every morning or a wall-mounted mirror as a decorative accessory. Just like every other room in the home, mirrors are great for reflecting light around a room as well as giving the illusion of a larger space. This is another DIY project where you can save money. Rather than fork out a few hundred Rands for a ready-made framed mirror, buy a piece of mirror from a glass supplier and make a mirror frame.









A room that lacks pattern also lacks interest and yet it is so easy to bring both into a room using fabrics, and particularly patterned bed linen. Choosing a patterned duvet cover or comforter doesn't mean you have to go overboard and overload the room, sometimes just a little pattern can make a big difference.

Another way to make a bland bedroom more interesting and alive is with artwork. You can have a couple of framed posters on the wall, hang a piece of art over the bed, or go all out with wallpaper or decorative walls. Whatever works best for you and fits in with your ideas for refreshing a bedroom.




A plant or two won't make much difference to the air quality in the room but they will bring a touch of the outdoors into a bedroom and revitalise and make a bedroom feel more refreshed, as will a few decorative accessories for styling a bedside or dressing table. I find it amazing how just a few small items can make such a big impact, whether it's a candle or two, a decorative bedside lamp or a few of your favourite collectables. Once again, keep it simple and don't add so many accessories that the room starts to feel cluttered rather than calm.








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