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9 Amazing Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Sleep-Friendly

There is no better way to enjoy a good night sleep than to customize your bedroom to the very definition of sleep-friendly. Here are a couple of ways you can make your bedroom be your dream bedroom:


1. Go dark

The way the brain is wired is in such a manner that it associates the night with sleep. Ideally, light is a trigger for the brain to be up. This means that if it gets to the night and your bedroom is still bright as the day, you might have trouble sleeping. Instead, concentrate on making your bedroom as dark as possible. It can be from the colors of the wall to the shades and curtains on your windows. Whichever route you pick, darker is always better.

2. Tame your artificial light

Given that going darker is the number one tip on how to fall asleep fast, you must take care of the artificial lighting in your bedroom. This means getting rid of any TV, iPods, phones, computers, lampstands, among many other artificial sources of lights.

3. Freshen the air

Pleasant smells make it easy for you to relax your body. If your bedroom is not situated in a place of fresh air, find ways to do so. You can plant some flowers and plants by your window or in the backyard to improve the air circulation all around your house. Otherwise, consider some scents like lavender that can soothe your body and encourage serene sleep.

4. Get rid of noises

Like light, noise can inhibit sleep a great deal. Some people may prefer slow music, lullabies, or melodies to help them fall asleep, but that is not the kind of noise in question here. Shut down TV and other screens that can be noisy, and if your neighborhood or the streets is the problem, consider making your bedroom soundproof.

5. Cool your room

Heat and high temperatures can make you super uncomfortable during the night, particularly when you begin to sweat profusely. Consider a ceiling fan, electric fan, or leaving your AC on through the night.

6. Change your mattress

A comfortable mattress is paramount if, at all, you are to enjoy your sleep. Consider an appropriate firmness equally as you do the softness before you choose the perfect mattress.

7. Find the right bedding

The entire features of your bed matters when it comes to encouraging sleep. For one, your bedding has to be silky, natural tree-fiber sheets that come in soothing colors. Given that the bedroom is already dark as is consider brighter colors to complement your space. Get soft and comfortable pillows too, along with a roll for behind your neck, a wedge for behind your back, a full-body pillow if you wish, and much more as per your needs.

8. Get rid of clutter

A lot of the times, we may take clutter very lightly, but it does have negative consequences when it comes to creating a sleep-friendly environment. The goal of falling asleep is to de-clutter the mind and rest the body, and clutter does not complement the process, but rather, acts as a visual stimulus to your brain, hence causing insomnia.

9. Personalize your bedroom

Your bedroom should feel like home. You need to find it as a space to rejuvenate and shut out all the negativity of the world. Include several things that are personal to you, including your favorite pillows, pictures, a doll you love, to mention a few. Be careful not to clutter it with all the memorabilia.



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